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by Karuna Sanghvi

Welcome to my collection of published books! I'm thrilled to share these tales that I've carefully crafted over the years. Each book represents a journey into the depths of human experience - of love, loss, courage, and redemption. 


I invite you to explore these titles to find your next great read. The books are available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats. Immerse yourself in these timeless stories that will stay with you long after the last page. Happy reading!

Bitter Prestige

Bitter Prestige is the story a family in the state of Gujarat, where the older generation is pursuing all traditions as a legacy. While the well-educated youngsters are conflicted when traditions oppose the law of the land.

The younger generation has to either escape the stranglehold of old values or attempt to change the manner in which they lead to bad choices.

Cold Powder

A tale of passion and crime, the book will leave you spellbound for more. She met him at the resort. A business partner. Should they mix business with passion, or keep their lives apart? She was married. Her husband, a good man. Or so he thought. He was there to dig deep into the couple’s life. He was on a mission. Will he succeed? Or will love get better of his mission. Read to find out more.


Anthology of Poems

Percipience or point of view. A collection of poems that explores the abstract world, rarely seen. It describes emotions that are rarely expressed. Percipience delves into the poet's psyche to understand the esoteric nature of the world around her.


Short Stories
Audio Book

Audio Book of short stories written and narrated by Karuna Sanghvi

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