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eLearning and content services


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ELearning Services

I take up design work ranging from standalone services for various stages to a fully developed course. 

I offer fully customized courses designed as per instructional standards.

eLearning courses are designed as per ADDIE and solution specific instructional models.

For more information, request for our brochure.

Content Services

  • Research

  • Analysis

  • Writing

  • Editing and Reviews

  • Book / Manuscript Editing

  • Digital Conversion


For more information, request for our brochure.

DELAG Program Steps.

Educational Services

Unlock Your Child's Learning Potential Today!

Learn with us through our five step process;
  1. Discovery,

  2. Explore,

  3. Learn,

  4. Apply and

  5. Growth.


Our comprehensive and structured approach helps you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Contact us for details. 

Eligibility - Age 6-13 yrs.

Language - English at present

Necessary - Access to laptop or mobile or tablet with internet connection





Karuna Sanghvi

I started (a registered MSME), as a wholly self-owned internet venture.

idesigngyan stands for I design gyan or I design knowledge, which communicates the key work area of the venture - learning design.
Also, I had started a blog on instructional design in 2008, with the name designgyan.


My internet venture was born from a need to do away with travel to office concept and I reversed it to bring office to home.
I soon discovered that the advantage of an internet venture is in avoiding overheads such as operational overheads; on the bench staff; and generalists for human resources.

idesigngyan started with designing workshops for children as the first service offering, based on DELAG. Discovery, Exploration, Learning, Application/Action and Growth. This DELAG philosophy is integrated in all my learning design for young people, whether offline or online.

idesigngyan's key offering is elearning programs designed with the use of commercial authoring tools. also offers instructional reviews, storyboards and content writing services.

While my expertise lies in solution design, learning design, instructional design, and writing, I hire a group of  experts consultants for graphic design, webdesign, videography and audio services.

I use collaboration software and online communication tools to ensure the deliverable timelines with quality, guidelines and review process are adhered to.


My Profile


Karuna Sanghvi, Chief Consultant

With 21+ years of experience in the field of learning, education, and eLearning, I am passionate about designing learning to promote better understanding.

My work is designed to make learning easy. I use visuals, aides, and easy-to-read content with audio in my eLearning outputs.

I create customized and bespoke eLearning with Section 504 compliance, which makes learning accessible to users with any disability. I also adapt my eLearning to suit cultural requirements in various regions, as per client requirements.


I work at all stages of instruction design starting with TNA; Solution Design; Proposal Writing; Storyboards; Instructional Reviews; and Development coordination.

I have mentored ID teams, defined competency levels for ID, and decided on instructional design benchmarks.

In the past, I have worked with

  • ADDIE model

  • Prototyping model

  • Blended learning models

  • Agile model of project management

  • Adaptive learning methods

  • Multiple Intelligences

  • Right Brain-Left brain thinking


 I have learned to design for deeper learning and integrated inquiry-based methods in the asynchronous form of learning. To do this I have designed a framework DELAG or discovery-based exploratory methods for a student to learn, apply and grow.

I have worked and created learning for a virtual learning environment for corporate learners via various LMS and LCMS such as SABA, Blackboard, and customized LMS. I have worked with AICC-SCORM standards and TIN CAN API to design learning for both corporate and school audiences.



” Brilliant job! Excellent job designing and developing our courses. We are very happy to have you take our elearning initiative forward.”

“It was pleasure working with Karuna and I was really impressed with her for the robust domain knowledge and understanding of ID processes she possess . She is a dynamic and analytical professional who takes her responsibilities with complete zest. ”

“Karuna did a great job communicating and adhering to timelines. She was also not afraid to try new and creative ideas which translated very well for the corporate market.”

CEO & Director – A global recruitment, staffing and training group
 VP- Business Development
 Executive Director




Tel: +919029907007

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