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idesigngyan from 2014

Since its inception in 2014, has handled various projects under different verticals.

MOOC design and recording.

I provided mentoring services on SCORM and TINCAN API.

Elearning architecture design and solution.

Developed and delivered REMOTELY an end-to-end eLearning program uploaded to LMS and accessible to 150 branches of the company across the world. It included activities such as hiring specialists for graphic design, development in Storyline, QA, and technical expertise. I also provided solution design, storyboard development, project management, and coordination services. used online collaboration tools to track and communicate with specialists. delivered the project without meeting the client face to face. hired specialists and remotely delivered services for Website Management, SEO Management, and Production of Marketing Videos.

Expansion in other verticals with various projects in

Content Writing, Journalistic Reporting, Academic Writing, and Fiction Writing;

Solution Design and Needs Analysis;

Framework Design for Learning;

Video and Lesson Development for children;

Competitive Market Research Reports for clients.

For more visit -

Website -

Instagram - @idesign.gyan

Twitter - @karunasanghvi / @idesigngyan

Facebook - IDesignGyan

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