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DELAG journey takes you to Growth!

Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to develop your skills? With the overwhelming range of options, it can be difficult to know how and where to begin. You need a reliable system that will help you quickly understand the fundamentals and build a solid foundation of knowledge. Without an organized approach, you can easily end up feeling overwhelmed and making little progress. Learn with us through our five step process; Discovery, Explore, Learn, Apply and Growth. Our comprehensive and structured approach helps you develop the skills you need to succeed. Discover: Step 1 We start with a pre-test. A type of introductory quiz to gauge learning level. Explore: Step 2 Learner will be presented with engaging material to get familiar with the topic. Learn: Step 3 Learner will perform activities. Apply: Step 4 Learner will experiment with learning material and activities done. Grow: Step 5 Learner will co-relate the concept learnt with life and the world outside.

To find out more, contact me at The program includes indoor and outdoor components. Eligibility - Age 6-13 yrs. Language - English at present. Necessary - Access to laptop or mobile or tablet with internet connection.

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