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Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

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Education and data analysis coexist in school systems. Big data system collect data from digital learners to improve education delivery. Data mining leads to the design of metrics and indicators for better educational opportunities.

How are artificial intelligence and machine learning transferred to the classroom?

All AI tools available today require human experts to create content. AI will not act independently of humans. In fact, subject matter experts are an urgent need for developing AI tools.

After all, open AI tools like Chat GPT, while popular, are not yet completely accurate.

What is chat GPT? A tool that uses natural language processing to reference a huge database. It answers questions and prompts from this database.

There are many concerns about the use of ChatGPT in classroom. Using Chat GPT to do schoolwork may lead to laziness in developing thinking capacity and other skills among students! Many teachers feel that ChatGPT has ruined the idea of doing homework. ChatGPT has led to questions about plagiarism. Tools like Turinturin claim to detect answers and work derived from ChatGPT.

However, some teachers have now openly adopted ChatGPT in the classroom to generate ideas. They believe that ChatGPT will create a space for more intelligent discussions. ChatGPT may serve as an online interactive library where reference materials can form a database to address queries.

AI has already been harnessed in India at the Indus International School in Bangalore. Here, the technology team has developed a humanoid robot based on AI. They have programmed it with curriculum basics as well as information on advanced concepts. Teachers now have a robotic assistant who explains key concepts while they supervise and monitor students. The AI robot does not replace a teacher but assists them. It also satisfies the inquisitive students quest for more information.

As AI-based technology develops, there is little doubt that educators will find more innovative ways to use it in day-to-day teaching.

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